In a slump or a plateau with your weight?

Today it is hectic out there! There is little time for relaxation, let alone fitness. If you are in a slump and too tired to work out, you are probably not eating the right foods! Load up on energy packed foods such as Chia seeds, yams, avocados, broccoli, ginger and green tea to name a few. Don’t sacrifice your workout because you forgot to eat properly. Treat your body like it’s your temple. That’s the secret! 


Drink as much in ounces as your body weight every day!

It is important to get enough water in your diet to flush out toxins and hydrate your skin. Keep a reusable bottle in the car, the kitchen and your bedroom and home office. This is a staple in your diet. Learn to love it. I make mine more exciting by adding lemon and cucumber slices, mint sprigs, and grapefruit slices. The citrus acts as a fat flusher while cucumber and mint detox and give flavor. Drink up!!

Measles Is Serious (A History Lesson from My Grandmother)

The Science of Mom

Measles is back. The outbreak of this highly contagious viral illness that started at Disneyland in December has spread across the country and shows no signs of slowing. As of February 6, the CDC reported 121 cases in 17 states in this year alone, most linked to Disneyland. In 2014, we had 644 cases of measles in the U.S. This is a striking increase compared to the last 15 years, when we usually saw less than 100 cases in an entire year.

measles 2015 CDCI’m sorry that so many people have been sickened in this outbreak and hope that it is reined in soon. This is no easy task given our mobile society and the fact that we like to congregate in places like Disneyland, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, airplanes, and shopping malls. Add to that the pockets of unvaccinated people where measles can easily spread, and we have a recipe…

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